Alan Routhier, Regional Manager - Partners BHM MCO

Alan Routhier

Regional Manager - Partners BHM MCO

Phone: 844-777-2267 Ext: 7016
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“Be the change you wish to see in the world,” – Mahatma Gandhi
A universally known quote, that is often repeated and seldom realized.  As CEO of Ignited Minds Childcare and Special Blendz Coffee & Ice Cream, I’m working to be the change.  What was once a dream, is now becoming a reality with the help of so many allies and advocates and, for them, I am grateful.  For the last fourteen years, I have been involved with special needs children and adults and, with each passing day, I became increasingly aware of the lack of facilities that cater to individuals with special needs.
I currently work as a Regional Director for Covenant Case Management. I’m also currently the president/CEO for Camp Sertoma, a summer camp built around giving the best summer camp experience to individuals with special needs. I have a strong passion for giving back and helping our special needs community and have dedicated most of my life to it. I look forward to working with Covenant Case Management in Being the Change!