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“We are passionate about enabling people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families to live a fulfilling and successful life”

– Paul Peters /Founder & CEO

IFDS Webinar

What is IFDS? An introduction to Self Determination & Self Direction.  Free Informational Session Options: June 8 at 6 pm, June 10th at 6 pm, June 14th at 6 pm & June 16th at 6 pm. Registration Required.  View the Flyer

IFDS Free Webinar Event

Agency with Choice Webinar

Agency with Choice Model.  Free Informational Sessions: June 21, 6 pm, June 23, 6 pm.  Employer of Record Model - Free Informational Sessions: June 2, 6 pm & June 24th, 6 pm. Registration Required.  View the Flyer

Agency with Choice Model Free Webinar Event

Micro Enterprise Webinar

It's not just about jobs, it's about income.  Get income, financial freedom, and work from your gifts, no matter your "label".  Starting a business is about: income, freedom, purpose, and helping yourself and others.  Free information sessions: June 14th, at 6 pm, June 15th, at 6 pm, June 22nd, at 6 pm, June 24th, at 10 am. Please plan to join Covenant Case Management Services who will be sharing the benefits, ins, and outs of starting a Micro Enterprise (small business) for yourself.  Registration Required.  View the Flyer

Micro Enterprise Free Webinar Event

Discovering & Embracing Your Life Purpose

This book has been my dream to write. It truly is my life's purpose illustrated in words. It begins by taking you on a personal journey by peering into a man by the name of Tim and his life. We do not come by knowing our purpose when we first entered this world. There are no instructions or clear guidelines given to us, but there are clues. Many of us never even find our purpose and thus never live the life we were created for.  Check it out on Amazon!
Discovering & Embracing Your Life Purpose by Paul Peters

Covenant Care

Covenant is committed to providing the highest quality care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are continually seeking new and innovative ways to serve individuals to give families the best opportunity for a secure and promising future.

Covenant, providing the best opportunity for a secure and promising future

Our Team

Our Covenant Team is comprised of caregivers, community navigators, qualified professionals, recreational therapists, OT’s and PT’s, (through evaluations) Nursing Services, and a Business Developmental Professional. Our attorney advocates for individuals on a local, state, and national level. In addition, Covenant offers Self Directed Services.

Covenant offers self directed services



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