About Covenant Case Management Services

About Us

Our heart is to see the people we support living their dream.

our covenant to you


Educate at Covenant Case Management Services


Covenant strives to provide you with a better understanding of how individuals and families can access and manage services and supports.

Covenant offers to identify and explain services, supports, & programs that make a difference in the lives of the individuals.

Covenant empowers others by educating individuals and families we serve by promoting and explaining choice, variety, and alternatives.

Covenant devotes time to explain the benefits of ALL services individuals and families are eligible for regardless of who you and your family have chosen to provide services.

Advocate at Covenant Case Management Services


While the parent or primary caregiver serves as an immediate advocate, often professional guidance or legal advocate is needed. Covenant supports and represents the rights and interests of the individuals and families we serve in order to ensure the individual’s full legal rights and access to service.

Covenant is continuously addressing member feedback, specific concerns, and unmet needs through the development of sub-committees and our satisfaction surveys.

Covenant works to identify and empower individuals and families with the knowledge for self-advocacy and provider choice.

Partner at Covenant Case Management Services


Our Owner/Executive Director has made a ‘covenant’ with local community partners to help breakdown and overcome barriers to many services, opportunities, and special assistance programs for quality treatment and independent lifestyles for the individuals we serve.

Covenant staff help individuals and families build community partnerships with paid (managed care organizations-MCOs, service providers, schools, and vendors) and natural/unpaid supports (neighbors, churches, charities, and friends) for a better, more independent life.

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