Self-Directed Community Supports Program

Melissa Reynolds, Services Coordination Program Manager

Melissa R. (Interim)

Services Coordination Program Manager

Phone: 844-777-2267 Ext: 715
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Stacey Saunders, Qualified Professional, Partners EoR 844-777-2267 Ext: 718
Candace Lang, Community Navigator/QP, Vaya EoR 844-777-2267 Ext: 769
Joseph Vanderpool, Qualified Professional, Alliance, PBHM, and THR-SC-EHS EoR 844-777-2267 Ext: 786
April Dunlap, Community Navigator/QP, All MCOs AwC 844-777-2267 Ext: 759
Community Navigator - Individual & Family Directed Services (Agency with Choice) Training (T2041U1UA or T2041U1)
Community Navigator - Individual & Family Directed Services (Employer of Record) Training (T2041U1UB or T2041U2)
Community Navigator Agency with Choice (T2041UA)
Community Navigator Employer of Record (T2041UB)
Individual Goods & Services (T1999)