(b)(3) Services Program

April Hendricks, (b)(3) Services Program Lead

April Hendricks

(b)(3) Services Program Lead

Phone: 844-777-2267 Ext: 7071
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B3 is a service available to individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities who are eligible for Medicaid services based on medical necessity, but have not yet been awarded Innovations Waiver funding.
Registry Roadmap - information to assist families qualifying for the "Registry of Unmet Needs"

Community Navigator (T2041U4)
Respite Care-Individual Child (H0045U4)
Respite Care-Individual Group-Child (H0045HQU4)
Respite Care-Individual Adult (H0045HBU4)
Respite Care-Individual Group-Adult (H0045HQHBU4)
Initial Individual Supported Employment - I/DD (H2023U4)
Initial Group Supported Employment - I/DD (H2023HQU4)
Supported Employment-Long Term Follow-Up (H2025TSU4)
Supported Employment-Long Term Follow-Up (H2025TSHQU4)
Maintenance Individual Supported Employment - I/DD (H2026U4)
Community Living and Support-Individual (T2013TFU4)
Community Living and Support-Group (T2013TFHQU4)
Specialized Consultative Services (T2025U4)
Developmental Day-Hourly (T202722U4)
Day Supports Individual - Hourly (T202122U4)