(b)(3) Services Program

Erin Frazier, Community Integration Program Manager of CCMS

Erin Frazier

(b)(3) Services Program Manager

Phone: 844-777-2267 Ext: 719
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I graduated from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2014 with a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology and a Minor in Psychology. I have over 15 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and adults with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities in Residential, Licensed Day Facilities, and Community Employment. My passion for serving others came from years of admiring my mother’s love and patience as a Group Home Manager. I live to serve as an advocate for all individuals with Intellectual and Development Disabilities.

April Hendricks, Qualified Professional 844-777-2267 Ext: 771
Chantelle Lorick, Qualified Professional 844-777-2267 Ext: 784
Registry Roadmap - information to assist families qualifying for the "Registry of Unmet Needs"

Community Navigator (T2041U4)
Respite Care-Individual Child (H0045U4)
Respite Care-Individual Group-Child (H0045HQU4)
Respite Care-Individual Adult (H0045HBU4)
Respite Care-Individual Group-Adult (H0045HQHBU4)
Initial Individual Supported Employment - I/DD (H2023U4)
Initial Group Supported Employment - I/DD (H2023HQU4)
Supported Employment-Long Term Follow-Up (H2025TSU4)
Supported Employment-Long Term Follow-Up (H2025TSHQU4)
Maintenance Individual Supported Employment - I/DD (H2026U4)
Community Living and Support-Individual (T2013TFU4)
Community Living and Support-Group (T2013TFHQU4)
Specialized Consultative Services (T2025U4)
Developmental Day-Hourly (T202722U4)
Day Supports Individual - Hourly (T202122U4)