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Brittany Wilson, Supported Employment LEAD

Brittany Wilson

Supported Employment LEAD

Phone: 844-777-2267 Ext: 7066
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My name is Brittany Wilson.  I started my passion with helping others my senior year in high school, instead of early graduation I decided to expand my care and knowledge to my peers by tutoring them in areas they learned at a slow pace. I graduated from Crest Senior High School in 2007. After experiencing helping peers I developed an eager thrive to help teenagers with behavioral issues work toward doing the right things, maintaining good grades, and mentoring them to strive for an excellent education. Along with expanding my care for others, I have experience with working with IDD population as well. I have been working with the IDD industry for 10+years  and I love what I do. I have been helping give back to the community in several different ways. I have a strong passion for supporting and helping others. I find it very satisfying to know that I have impacted others in positive ways and seeing improvement and growth in others I have served. I enjoy helping others succeed and working hard to conquer their goals to the fullest potential.

The Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Supported Employment Program helps people with severe mental illness find competitive, community employment and provides ongoing, individualized services with a focus on employment.
Competitive Employment
Entrepreneurship/Small Business
Supported Employment-Individual (H2025)
Supported Employment-Group (H2025 HQ)
Supported Employment Long Term Follow Up (H2025 TS)
Supported Employment Long Term Follow Up-Group (H2025 TS HQ)
Supported Employment-Individual B3DI (H2025 U4)
Supported Employment-Group B3DI (H2025 HQ U4)
Supported Employment-IDD (H2023 U4)
Supported Employment-Group IDD (H2023 HQ U4)
Supported Employment to Maintain Employment (H2026 U4)
Maintenance Supported Employment-Group (H2026 HQ U4)